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JavaScript Chart Visuals & Aesthetics Details

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Visuals & Aesthetics
  • Bar Shading Effects
    • Default bar Shading - (not obvious to conscious eye, yet subconsciously pleasing)
    • Aqua Shading Effect Mode - Classic, yet still beautiful aqua bar shading
    • Rounded Shading Effect Mode - Professional and robust bar shading
  • Default Shading Effects
    • The chart does not use solid colors by default, when a color is specified, it still does not render fully solid. not obvious to conscious eye, yet subconsciously pleasing)
  • Color Automation - When a color is specified for an object such as a legend background, in this case it also affects the outline color. This is just one example, however, anytime it is logical to do so, the chart will figure out the best way to use specified settings to deliver unprecedented visual results diminishing the need for professional designers to make chart look great.
  • Line caps support
    • All pointMarkerType shapes plus 'arrow'
    • Arrow overflow option
  • Point Color Adjustment Values: (i.e. point_outline_color:'darken')
  • Dynamic gradients
    • Dynamic gradients for area chart fill
    • Dynamic gradients for data point fills
  • Dynamic label outline color
  • Chart level overlapBranding property so branded charts are the same size as non-branded.