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JavaScript Chart Data Features Details

Navigate the complete history of feature listings for JSCharting. For existing customers, don’t miss the new What’s New section!

Data Features
  • Smart Category Grouping
  • Empty Point Mode - Offers different ways of handling empty points in a series
  • Animation
  • Custom Pie Layout options
  • Shading Effects
  • Series
    • Transparency
    • States
    • Events
    • Types
  • Point
    • Transparency
    • Outline
    • States
    • Events
    • Markers
    • Labels
    • Attributes - Store additional point related data, and use tokens to retrieve it in labels, tooltips, urls, events
  • window.fetch() alias JSC.fetch() with polyfill
  • JSC.parseCsv()
    • Split text into rows and columns.
    • Detect and separate csv headers.
    • Detect numbers and dates and parse them into numeric values.
  • Data Conversions
    • JSON to CSV, TSV, DSV conversion
    • CSV, TSV, DSV to JSON conversion
  • Data Nesting - Process any json data into series and points
    • Split by key()
    • Rollup() - value properties using summary calculations like sum,mean,min,max
    • PointRollup() - customize output point configuration
    • Generate series(data)
    • Generate points(data)
    • Generate raw data with entries(data)
  • Date Grouping
    • Group values by date using calendarPatterns