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JavaScript Chart Legend Details

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  • Legend Positioning
    • Orientation (simple automated layout)
    • Absolute positioning & offset from CA
    • Dock and align inside or outside the chart area. i.e. 'inside bottom right'
  • Legend DataGrid Columns
    • Custom legend data grid columns with expressions
    • Column Headers
    • Automatic Column Alignments
  • Legend Entry Layout
    • Horizontal/vertical Entry layout
    • Even column arrangement layout
    • Cell Spacing
  • Legend styling (Fully stylable legend box)
    • Legend Title
    • Auto Shading
    • Shadow
    • Transparency
  • Legend Entry support
    • Entry labels using calculation tokens
    • (Interactivity) Click entry to hide series
    • Series specific legend entry text
    • Reverse entry order
    • Custom sort order
    • Entry States Styling
    • Custom Entries
    • Use Icons from Library
    • Line Type Icon With Scaled Width & Dash Styles
    • AxisMarker Entries
    • SmartPalette ColorBar
    • SmartPalette Ranges
    • Legend Entry LineAbove Option
    • Legend Checkbox
    • legendEntry.hoverAction Highlighting Options