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About JSCharting

About JSCharting

JSCharting leverages over a decade of real-world charting and visualization — a true javascript, SVG and HTML5 solution for modern charting needs across all platforms.

Using the latest technologies has enabled us to step beyond existing visual charting standards and produce visuals much stronger than typical dynamic charting solutions. In fact, we hope you will agree that the JSCharting visuals are even superior to high end desktop charting applications!

For many years, we have pioneered new charting features and technologies, bringing clients unprecedented ease of use and automation without sacrificing the stunning visuals we have become renowned for. While others scramble to emulate our innovations, our clients continue to benefit; saving thousands of dollars in development costs through the rich set of Enterprise level features included with each and every charting license sold.

Over the past decade we have been pleased to bring charting innovations that ultimately defined the chart component space, including scale breaks, infogrids, modern web aesthetics, smart labels and much more. We look forward to innovating in the client side space and bringing these, and many more, innovations to our customers throughout the world.