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JavaScript Chart Programming Features Details

Navigate the complete history of feature listings for JSCharting. For existing customers, don’t miss the new What’s New section!

Programming Features
  • Functional Programming API
    • Set chart options with config object during instantiation or at any time after
    • Chart will attempt to animate changes when they are applied
  • Code Expansion - Alias property names without defining a JSON hierarchy to apply settings quickly
  • Default object settings - To speed up development by applying settings to all similar objects simultaneously
  • Chart Templates - Define templates for the entire organization to ensure all charts look similar or use similar settings
  • JSC.pointsFromArray() - New method for populating data (pointsFromArray) for more compact data transport
  • JSC.getPalette() - New method to easily access palette colors.
  • Enumeration chaining API - Apply multiple settings with a single property setting
  • Utility Functions
    • JSC.merge()
    • JSC.sum(), mean(), min(), and max() Utility Functions
    • JSC.fontsReady() - when using web fonts with charts
    • JSC.ready() - waits until page is loaded
    • JSC.defaults() to apply default settings for all subsequent chart instances
    • JSC.sortBy() to help sorting data
  • Chart Debug Notification Icon
  • Chart Mentoring, Tips and Suggestions