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Area Lines and Splines

JavaScript Chart Types

Area Lines and Splines

JSCharting supports area lines and area splines in both horizontal and vertical orientations. Charts can be customized to stack or align on the axis with variable transparency to maintain legibility. Advanced arealine and spline feature support includes dynamic negative value styles, empty element handling and marker customization.

Area Types Chart

Area line series types.

Range Area Line Chart

Ranged area series type.

Area line series type.
Area spline series type.
Population pyramid using arealines.
A simulated stream graph using a hidden stacked spline series.
An uncertainty fan chart.
Area line series with a dynamic gradient fill.
Stacked area line series type.
Stacked step line with last point axis tick summary.
Stacked area spline series type.
Stepped area series type.
Stacked area step line series type.
A full stacked area chart with time series and axis markers.
Area chart with a dynamically generated negative data overlay.
Area chart created from dynamically generated positive and negative segments.
Full stacked area line series type.
Full stacked area spline series type.
Area line series with no markers.
Area lines with negative values.
An area line series with missing points.
Horizontal area line series type.
Horizontal stacked area line series type.